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In the Gathering Woods by Adria Bernardi          who selected

Better Than Home by Joe Hill [King]                   who selected

Raped Diaries by Katherine Glover

Adria Bernardi won the 1997 Long Fiction Contest with In the Gathering Woods, the story of a 19th C. Italian boy learning from his grandfather how to pick mushrooms. Mushroom selections, like the choices in life, can be delightful or deadly. And then, there are, also in the deep forest, the ever-watching Ugly Children.  In the Gathering Woods became the title story of her first short story collection, and her novel The Day Laid on the Altar won the Bakeless Prize. She also has a reputation as a translator of Italian literature.

Better Than Home by Joe Hill was chosen winner of the next year's contest by final judge Adria Bernardi. Better Than Home was Joe's first stand alone publication and first paid publication, two milestones for any writer. The story of a baseball manager father and emotionally skewed son will sound true to anyone who has known a kid who doesn't quite fit in. The story was included in Joe's first story collection 20th Century Ghosts. With the release of his first novel Heart-Shaped Box, Joe was revealed to be Stephen King's son, a connection that he had kept hidden from all his publishers.

Katherine Glover's Raped Diaries was selected as the following year's winner by Joe Hill. When you think of non-criminal behaviors that are really low-down and creepy, how many are worse than reading other people's diaries? The narrator of this story does just that, insinuating herself into the most intimate thoughts of others. Katherine won the Long Fiction Contest while still a college student. She has published erotica under a pseudonym, and she writes freelance journalism.

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